My laboratory is interested in the functions of microbial ecosystems on bacterial horizontal gene transfer and microbial interactions involving the fate of allochthonous gene. The research relies on the both ecological and molecular approaches, such as analytical measurement of field, microcosm experiments, DNA sequencing, and PCR cloning. I am especially interested in the dissemination nature of the mercury resistance genes among Bacillus strains. The bacterial mercury resistance systems are ubiquitous in the environments and the research supports their potential in bioremediation of contaminated sites. In addition, we have now started the diversity and function of bacteria in eutrophicated urban river that flow through a heavily populated area. This research shed light on the microbial consortia and their functions in urbanized aquatic environment.

Our manuscript has just published from Limnology.

Kazuaki MATSUI / Professor
Laboratory of Environmental Bio-Science
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kindai University
3-4-1Kowakae HigashiOsaka, Osaka 577-8502, Japan
e-mail: kmatsui (at)